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Welcome to the Office


When you walk into the office this is the space you will see.

We enjoy the natural lighting this office supplies along with lots of room for activities. Also featured is a client favorite Squishmallow sitting on a bean bag chair

Our Sandtray Collection

Here you will mostly find our sandplay minature collection (top three shelves on both bookshelves), along with our moveable sandtray to the left. This is also where we keep games, additional toys, and some of our book collection


Space for the Kids and Teens

Here you'll find the space that most of my clients go to. Here we have the sand tray, play kitchen and houses. In the drawers you can find a variety of fidgets, additional toys, game and stuffed animals. And to the right we have our art supplies, which includes a variety of mediums and ways to express yourself.

Another Perspective

As you can see, the office space is quite big and is able to be rearranged based on client needs. We enjoy the adaptability of this office space to accommodate the needs of all of our clients. 

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